Victor, is at Magens Bay, a beach on the island of St Thomas VI, USA. He is casually dressed in white cotton slacks and a white polo shirt and is comfortably sitting on a webbed beach chair,under a large white and blue beach umbrella, next to Warren the executive reporter for Flow Magazine. They are both enjoying glasses of ice cold lemonade.The sky is clear except for a few billowing clouds and a light, breeze gently moves the tassels on the umbrella and feels refreshingly cool on the skin in contrast to the warmtn of the sunshine. The sand on the beach is white and clean, the water is comfortably cool and clear enough so that the ocean floor can be seen to a depth of sixty feet.
Warren speaks: “Victor we are very pleased that you have agree to do this exclusive live  interview with Flow magazine . We know that you are usually a very private person and rarely do interviews in spite of the fact that your work often places you  in the public eye”.
“Warren it is my pleasure to be interviewed by you for Flow.You and your  magazine have a reputation for integrity and unbaised reporting that is unsurpassed in the industry!”
“Thank you Victor” We do our best to maintain the highest standards. Shall we get started?”
“Of course Warren where would you like to begin?”
“Victor, I understand that you are fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Dutch,Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Tagalog” How and why did you learn those languages?”
“Well Warren  I have always been fascinated with the sounds of languages since I was a child and over the years I picked up a few phrases here and there.Later in life I got more serious about increasing my ability. I had the thought ” wouldn’t it be great to have friends from all over the world and be able to communicate with them in their own language and know more about their culture as I freely traveled the world? I obtained my greatest advances in learning languages and in my  ability to create any result that I wanted by applying the skills that I learned by studying the Master Keys in the MKMMA.”
 “Victor, I heard about that course and the results it enables people to produce from an interview that Oprah did with Mark J, the Fabulous Davene and their team. “
” Victor, you look very lean and fit and very young for your age and I have heard tales of your boundless energy, what do you do to stay so healthy?
“Well Warren I exercise daily using one of more of the following: yoga,bodyweight exercises, Kettlebell routines, Martial Arts, running, walking, dancing I get optimum sleep, I have learned to eat what gives my body optimum nutrition and energy, I keep my body hydrated and i meditate daily and strive to live with compassion for self and others and to create win win in all my dealings.”
“Victor I understand that you have a love for music and have developed into a skilled musician who performs on guitar and bass as a soloist and as a part of groups, touring locally,nationally and internationally and doing studio work and teaching in person and through media”
“That is true Warren. I see that you have done your homework.Music has become a very important part of my life and I expect that I will be involved in it one way or another until I transition.That is another domain that studying and applying the Master Keys has helped me to bring to rapid fruition in terms of skill development and understanding.”
“Victor, you have achieved a level of financial freedom that pretty much enables you to live as you chose, How did you manage that?’
” Warren I would have to say that the Master Keys has been instrumental in my success in this arena as well. I used what I learned to develop a prosperity consciousness and become a successful entrepreneur and investor and I continue to prosper with ease in countless ways. I feel a sense of gratitude for what I have been able to give and receive in life.”Especially for the quality of life and experiences that I have been able to share with family , loved ones, friends,  associates and others.”
“Victor You have been very gracious in allowing me to go way past our agreed upon time for this interview. On behalf of myself and the many readers and fans of Flow who want to know more about you and what you are up to, I thank you and wonder if you would be willing to give another interview further down the line”
“Warren, It has been a pleasure and yes it would be my pleasure to do so”