IMG_0111I  am sitting here relaxing and reviewing some of the additional benefits, lessons and realizations  that I experienced during the blizzard and its aftermath.. One of those benefits was that the awning covering my front porch buckled under the weight of the snow and ice and will have to be replaced.

How was that a benefit? It was beneficial because I got to practice what I have learned and got to see how I have grown from the lessons. I was able to instantly  relax, control my attention and focus my thinking on what needed to be done to inspect the condition of the structure, access any possible danger to self,others,  and prevent further damage to the awning and to the house if any.

I stepped unto the porch and inspected the anchorpoints where the awning was attached to the wall. I noticed that only several of the ten bolts were loose and that the awning had pulled away from the wall, about 1″, in those areas. The supports at the front and sides of the awning were still intact.

The bulk of the damage was in an area where all the support beams  had bent in the middle,under the weight of snow and ice, that extended the length of the awning. I ascertained that  the structure would hold until i could get the opinion of a professional and scheduled two companies to access the damage and give estimates.

Next,I took many pictures from many angles for submission of my insurance claim documentation that i planned to make as soon as I got the estimates.

I had a very clear intention of what i wanted to have as a final outcome and I kept taking steps in alignment with my purpose.

To make a long story at least shorter, I now have an insurance settlement that matches one of my estimates minus my deductible. The entire process was very easy, quick and smooth.

I also had a side realization. The snow bar at the front of the awning keeps the snow and ice from falling off the awning in whole or part and causing possible damage below. In this case it kept all the snow and ice on the awning as designed but Insured its own downfall by holding unto all the weight and not being able to let it go. Awnings act very rigidly. No choice.

Have you ever thought or acted  like an awning in any area of life? I know I have.

There is tremendous benefit in being able to let go and handle life in flexible, creative ways using flexible, creative,clear thinking as we are all  discovering and realizing as we progress through the lessons

Let it go!






We had tons of snow here last weekend and there is sill  a lot  left around that is in the process of melting.

I have always liked the look of a fresh blanket of snow covering the streets, ground and houses. I have thought that that was a beautiful sight ever since i was a child. I haven’t always found it to be as pleasurable to have to clean it up from driveways, stairs, car etc.however, especially when there were other things I would have perferred to be doing at the time.

Calming-the-OceanRather than let the outer conditions decide how I would feel about the snow cleaning, I decided to use some of the tools we are learning to  attach some different feelings and associations to the process. I established in my mind that each shovelful of snow that I removed was a piece of cement that i was removing from my Golden Buddha and that I was freeing myself and helping others to free themselves, as I helped them to clear their walkways and vehicles. It was a wonderful experience with that shift in consciousness.I felt tremendously invigorated and joyful, even blissful, while helping myself and others and I ended up spending most of the day outside shoveling. I was generating so much energy and heat that I had to remove several layers of clothing to stay cool enough to be comfortable.


I also repeated “I can be what I will to be” and “I am whole, perfect,strong, powerful. loving, harmonious and happy.” “Do It Now!” while clearing.

I continue to get good results by doing the Franklin exercise daily and my selected virtues are showing up as expected.Yeah! I love stuff that works! Don’t you?

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I enjoyed the week. I am looking forward to continuing the process! I now know  that “The Hero’s Journey” is not just a trip to Subway.



This has been another great week of discovery and continued practice  in  using the tools,  increasing my skill, and turning the challenges of daily life into exciting opportunities for learning, increased understanding and  growth.

I continue to focus on kindness in addition to my chosen virtue for this week and I recognize and reinforce both  with increasing frequency. Love, Gratitude, Persistience, Discipline, Clarity, Concentration and Control of my  Attention and Focus are some of the very important elements of my continuing transformation. That is becomming increasingly clearer to me as I continue to practice the mental diet and the other tools and notice the positive effects of their use showing up in my life.

It is extremely easy to sit now and my bodymind settles down almost immediately once I begin a session. Many ideas on how to achieve my goals come during the sessions ,shortly afterwards and during the day.

I have a deepening sense of gratitude for life and for all that has showed up,  all that  is present  and all that  is showing up with increasing frequency. Although some of the outer conditions of my life haven’t  changed yet, my consciousness and how I relate to them has and in that way they have been transformed.

I have a tremendous feeling of Positive Expectancy  as I continue on this  adventure with all of you.


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“Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.” Henry James

Whether you agree with Henry James’ quote in whole or in part I would venture to say that after this week’s focus on kindness, you have likely experienced what a difference that focus, and actions taken in alignment with it, can make in your consciousness, in your lives and in the lives of others.

I know that I have. It feels natural and wonderful to think and do what is in my nature anyway and is already a large part of my life. Its enjoyable to recognize it even more in the many ways that it shows up in the world.

I find myself having an even brighter outlook, feeling more energized and enjoying coming up with many more ways of being a kindness ninja during daily life.

Lets spread it everywhere!

Kindness is its own reward!





I notice that I am getting more and more of my  projects  completed. I  am making progress more and more rapidly and with a greater sense of ease and flow on the things that I choose to focus on and accomplish. I  relate differently to some tasks that I didn’t particularly like doing before with a strong “Do it Now” attitude that results in  immediate follow up action.

I find myself laughing more and feeling increasing gratitude for the gift of life that I have the privilege to enjoy.

I have more control over how I focus my attention and of the meanings that I assign to the events that occur in my awareness.

I grow in appreciation for the effectiveness of the course and the tools it provides.

I am thankful that we have the opportunity to experience it and to share it with others.

Life is just a….





I am aware of a deep sense of quiet and peace that is present  as surface ripples come and go as I move through daily life. That quiet is showing up more and more as me speaking less and less and having less and less thoughts, a quieter mind.

Following the mental diet is becomming easier and I recover more rapidly when I miss the mark. “I can be what I will to be.”

I am using what I attract into my life to raise my awareness of what I need to change within myself to create my new blueprint and my new life. I am using the tools that I am learning in the course to effect those changes. “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and  happy.”

It’s working!

Happy New Year!

Happy New You!

Happy New Me!




What if this Holiday Season you received the gift of unlimited self awareness?  What if you received the gift of total self appreciation? What if you received the gift of unconditional self love and unconditional self acceptance?What if you received the gift of fully realizing and fully owning your power? Would  you accept these gifts? Would they be valuable to you?  If so,How and why? Would you share them with others? If so, how and why?

How would your life be different? How would the world be different? Imagine that vividly using all your senses and while doing so realize that the only one who can make it possible for you to receive these gifts and limitless others, is you.

Let’s commit to and recommitt to  using and mastering the tools  that we have available in this training.

Let’s commit to and recommit to  creating our new blueprints and our new lives and to living them fully and boldly and with ease, grace, joy and Love. It is one of the greatest  gifts that we can give to ourselves and to the world at large.It is possible, and it is  within our reach as we persist in using the tools and in gaining increased skill in their application.

I choose to give that gift to myself and to the world at large by extension.I suspect that you do also.

Let’s do it!

Happy Holidays

Light and Love