This has been  another interesting week of discovery for me as I entered more deeply into the silence for the extended period. I noticed that I lost a sense of urgency on a couple of my major goals and I now have a great sense of ease, peace and relaxed certainty in regard to them.

I have an increased flow of creativity in regard to how I can approach all areas of living in even more fun and fulfilling ways. I experience many more moments of spontaneous smiling, laughter and joy for no reason and my body feels light and tingling with energy most of the day.

My appetite has increased, I am eating well and more and I am losing weight without increasing my physical activity.

I am inspired to make some important changes to my DMP and I am in the process of making those refinements.

I am becoming more effective and efficient with my practice and with integrating it more seamlessly into my daily life.

More importantly, I feel a deepening sense of love and compassion  for all of life and gratitude for all the lessons that we provide for each other’s growth.

I am happy and grateful to experience one of life’s greatest gifts….love.


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