I have been incsilencereasing the length of my sits and my time in the silence for a while now.  I was pleased to hear about the  assignment for extended silence and although I didn’t have a plan for its full implementation at the time, I knew that I would work it out within the required two week time frame.

In the meantime I have been silent daily this week for at least five hours at a stretch.

I feel more peaceful and connected and my senses and intuition have sharpened. I have more clarity about some next steps to take to achieve some of my goals and my sense of ease  and flow has increased when I am engaged in actions toward their accomplishment.

I have also become aware of some limiting beliefs and emotions to clear and have already successfully utilized and resolved many of them.

I continue to have success in using the Franklin Makeover and many of the qualities are showing up spontaneously.

I did miss some readings of GS at my usual times but read them extra at bedtime to make up for it.

I am committed to the process of  studying learning, practicing, implementing, and mastering these principles and tools and using them to create my DMP.

Let’s have mondo fun as we do this!


4 thoughts on “WEEK 22 ENJOY THE SILENCE

  1. MKMMAwendyht

    Mahalo for your wonderful blog post, Victor. Your words are always so inspiring. I wish you a wondrous time in your days of silence. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht



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