As we approach the formal end of this formal course of instruction I renew  and deepen my  commitment  to lifelong study, learning, growth, mastery and harmonious use of all that my inner guidance has lead me to,  and continues to lead me to…..to realize and create that which is based in Truth and to let all else fall away.

I thank the creators of the course, the guides, all the master teachers and their materials, my fellow classmates and the many teachers encountered in daily life, both formal and informal, for the many lessons and opportunities that we provided and provide for each other and for the many ways that we have made and make a difference in each others lives, both directly and by extension.

I thank each of us for taking responsibility for being our own teachers, for sharing that which we are all connected to in Truth from our levels of understanding and realization, and for being who and what we are…….. Love without end.

We’ve only just begun.


what-is-critical-thinkingThis quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet popped into my mind during one of my sits earlier this week.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

I find it to be a very useful reminder, on many levels , of the principles that we are in the process of studying. learning, applying and mastering.

I enjoy the ever unfolding realizations and possibilities that I gain from engaging with the lessons and integrating them into my life.

May we all take full advantage of this magnificent opportunity to become conscious masters of our thinking’s creative power.


This has been  another interesting week of discovery for me as I entered more deeply into the silence for the extended period. I noticed that I lost a sense of urgency on a couple of my major goals and I now have a great sense of ease, peace and relaxed certainty in regard to them.

I have an increased flow of creativity in regard to how I can approach all areas of living in even more fun and fulfilling ways. I experience many more moments of spontaneous smiling, laughter and joy for no reason and my body feels light and tingling with energy most of the day.

My appetite has increased, I am eating well and more and I am losing weight without increasing my physical activity.

I am inspired to make some important changes to my DMP and I am in the process of making those refinements.

I am becoming more effective and efficient with my practice and with integrating it more seamlessly into my daily life.

More importantly, I feel a deepening sense of love and compassion  for all of life and gratitude for all the lessons that we provide for each other’s growth.

I am happy and grateful to experience one of life’s greatest gifts….love.




I have been incsilencereasing the length of my sits and my time in the silence for a while now.  I was pleased to hear about the  assignment for extended silence and although I didn’t have a plan for its full implementation at the time, I knew that I would work it out within the required two week time frame.

In the meantime I have been silent daily this week for at least five hours at a stretch.

I feel more peaceful and connected and my senses and intuition have sharpened. I have more clarity about some next steps to take to achieve some of my goals and my sense of ease  and flow has increased when I am engaged in actions toward their accomplishment.

I have also become aware of some limiting beliefs and emotions to clear and have already successfully utilized and resolved many of them.

I continue to have success in using the Franklin Makeover and many of the qualities are showing up spontaneously.

I did miss some readings of GS at my usual times but read them extra at bedtime to make up for it.

I am committed to the process of  studying learning, practicing, implementing, and mastering these principles and tools and using them to create my DMP.

Let’s have mondo fun as we do this!




thanksI give thanks for the lessons  i learned this week and to the teachers who were instrumental in providing many of them through their acceptance  and response to the  requests, attraction and call of my evolving blueprint.  I give thanks for the remnants of the old and for the emerging, preferred, desired new.

Every experience is an opportunity for learning and growth and I intend to continue using them all to assist me  in evolving into the highest version of me that I can become.  I suspect that you do, and will continue to, also.

That is the greatest gift that I can give to myself and to the world at large by extension.

I give thanks for Universal Mind.

I give thanks for our increasing ability to understand and realize our Unity with the Universal Principle.

Thank You!

Thank Me!

Thank The All!


download   I  increased the length and frequency of my sits this week. I went more deeply into the silence with increasing ease and quickness. I got a lot of ideas on what to do to accomplish my goals and next steps. I was able to record them, evaluate them, implement some right away and start to plan and schedule others.

The lessons and opportunities to learn and grow are showing up with increasing frequency and  in a variety of forms. I gain increased clarity about what i want and I keep bringing my attention and thinking back to that. I am also getting a lot done, in less time with a greater sense of ease and flow.

I am happy to hear that many others are also experiencing great gains from their practice as we approach the end of this phase of our training.





I have been sitting more often and for longer periods this week. I have felt more quiet internally and I have been more silent in the outer world as well. I find myself  drawn more and more to be in and to experience this quiet space.

I also feel more connected to others and to the world at large without the need to overtly communicate in more conventional ways, although I do so when appropriate.

i had a few encounters with some very special teachers, whom I thank for the upgraded challenge that they provided  for me to maintain , regain, and sustain my mental diet. It’s all good. There is nothing we attract that we can’t handle and I love gaining  increased skill in using the tools and heading toward mastery. I am grateful for the lessons and practice in whatever form they appear.

It Has been another great week of learning.

Pharrell’s song “Happy” spontaneously plays in my head as I smile while recalling those encounters.